Support Tassie Salmon

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Salmon farming is a local Tasmanian success story.


Since 1984, it’s become our State’s brightest economic prospect, generating over 5,200 jobs from a standing start. Tasmanians are building lives and communities around our industry.


Demand for our seafood will more than double over the next 15 years. With our record of producing high quality, environmentally friendly salmon we have a chance to be the centre of a world-class industry right here at home. Tasmanian salmon is environmentally sustainable and economically prosperous, the right balance for our State.


Even though our salmon industry is at the global forefront of environmental sustainability, there are those who think we should stop investing in this world class export industry

We need to unite to defend a great industry and quality jobs in Tasmania.




Salmon farming employs over 5,000 Tasmanians. It gives our communities hope and is globally recognised for its excellent environmental record.


We are proud of our salmon industry.


Take action to defend Tassie Salmon and sign the pledge.


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